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Henry Ford Trade School - Class of 1930
(William A. Lyons - 3rd Machinist from left)

Brought forward to today's CNC Metal Working Technology





William A. Lyons established Lyons Tool and Engineering, Inc. and secured patents for several engineering inventions including the Lyons Universal Pitch Line Fixture for Bevel and Hypoid Gears, which is currently used world wide.

Mr. Lyons was a member of the Engineering Society of Detroit, Certified Senior Member of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Charter member and past President of SME Macomb Chapter #142, Polish National Alliance, F.O.P. Chapter #102, Ford Trade School Alumni, President's Club of Madonna University, American Polish Engineering Association, Friends of Polish Art, Friends of the Cardinal and Archbishop of Detroit, Honorary Alumni of Orchard Lake Schools, Chancellors Senate, Ambassador and member of it's Board of Regents. He also held a merit of excellence award from the engineering society.

William A. Lyons Inspired Many in the Trade
"To Seek Excellence"

by instituting an apprenticeship program at his plant. He participated in the cooperative programs at local high schools and sponsored the education of many of his employees at Macomb Community College and Lawrence Technological University.

William A. Lyons
Founder 1960




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